kuselan movie review

August 10, 2008

Movie reviews are always the safest topic(for a first blog), and a rajni movie makes the work easier…

Direction: P.Vasu

Music director: G.V. Prakash

Cast: Rajinikanth, Nayanthara, Pasupathy, Meena, Vadivelu

the story is about reunion of  two friends , one sitting on top of the world as an established,successful hero and the other who’s a hapless victim of poverty. balakrishnan ,a barber in a small village has his own  problems every day extending from paying school fees to his children to managing  some customers to his much reputed parlour.and when his old chum comes to the village for a film shoot, the agony adds-on.

while the main characters(pasupathi and Rajni) doing justice to their roles, the female leads fail miserably.either some other actress could have done the job or else the director could have given a second thought in having such a role.the barber’s role couldn’t have been any better.

comedy kills the screenplay.its hard to digest the scenes in which vadivelu  ascertains his wife’s looks  and asking his police comrade to affirm.livingston’s numerous attempts to get a call sheet fails to make a impact.nayanthara, having had a decent reputation for her curves and looks should try acting for a change.meena s acting could have been more lively.rajni yet again scores with his gentle but strong show.too many roles like prabhu,vijaykumar were  unneccesary. rajini makes  the climax the best part of the movie .

the camera work was really excellent. different tone/color were choosen to emphasise the two main roles.the music best suited the movie and the story.

a rajini movie with no punch liners is hard to come and this one has !

given a strong story to narate , the commercial part of it weakens the flow of the movie.


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August 10, 2008

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